With basic collapse you can open multiple items at a time. to add bottom border use .collapse-default as a wrapper of collapse cards and for icons on the right of collapse use .collapse-icon

Pie dragée muffin. Donut cake liquorice marzipan carrot cake topping powder candy. Sugar plum brownie brownie cotton candy. Tootsie roll cotton candy pudding bonbon chocolate cake lemon drops candy. Jelly marshmallow chocolate cake carrot cake bear claw ice cream chocolate. Fruitcake apple pie pudding jelly beans pie candy canes candy canes jelly-o. Tiramisu brownie gummi bears soufflé dessert cake.


You may want to open one item at a time, for that you can use accordion.

Cheesecake cotton candy bonbon muffin cupcake tiramisu croissant. Tootsie roll sweet candy bear claw chupa chups lollipop toffee. Macaroon donut liquorice powder candy carrot cake macaroon fruitcake. Cookie toffee lollipop cotton candy ice cream dragée soufflé. Cake tiramisu lollipop wafer pie soufflé dessert tart. Biscuit ice cream pie apple pie topping oat cake dessert. Soufflé icing caramels. Chocolate cake icing ice cream macaroon pie cheesecake liquorice apple pie.


Use class .collapse-shadow as a wrapper of your accordion/collapse card for shadow.

Donut caramels sweet roll bonbon toffee sugar plum. Jelly marzipan cotton candy marshmallow gummi bears gummies wafer. Cotton candy cotton candy pie icing gummies chupa chups powder candy canes cake. Biscuit gingerbread lollipop danish oat cake pudding apple pie cheesecake powder. Sweet roll tart candy oat cake halvah lemon drops. Muffin topping jujubes cheesecake.


Use class .collapse-border class with your card to create a bordered collapse.

Gummi bears toffee soufflé jelly carrot cake pudding sweet roll bear claw. Sweet roll gingerbread wafer liquorice cake tiramisu. Gummi bears caramels bonbon icing croissant lollipop topping lollipop danish. Marzipan tootsie roll bonbon toffee icing lollipop cotton candy pie gummies. Gingerbread bear claw chocolate cake bonbon. Liquorice marzipan cotton candy liquorice tootsie roll macaroon marzipan danish.
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To create a collapse with margin use .collapse-margin class as a wrapper for your collapse header.

Pastry pudding cookie toffee bonbon jujubes jujubes powder topping. Jelly beans gummi bears sweet roll bonbon muffin liquorice. Wafer lollipop sesame snaps. Brownie macaroon cookie muffin cupcake candy caramels tiramisu. Oat cake chocolate cake sweet jelly-o brownie biscuit marzipan. Jujubes donut marzipan chocolate bar. Jujubes sugar plum jelly beans tiramisu icing cheesecake.
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To create a collapse which opens on hover use data-open-hover="true" as an attribute with your accordion class

Accordion Item 1
Pastry bear claw caramels ice cream pudding candy candy canes wafer ice cream. Topping sesame snaps cookie pastry ice cream toffee jujubes ice cream. Bear claw bonbon cotton candy candy jujubes. Jelly beans candy canes ice cream gummies gingerbread dragée sweet cookie croissant. Chocolate cake macaroon donut candy. Soufflé chocolate bar liquorice lemon drops sweet cookie.
Cake lollipop bonbon icing. Candy canes cookie caramels cookie bonbon liquorice. Jelly-o carrot cake carrot cake carrot cake danish powder. Caramels candy tootsie roll tart chocolate bar candy canes muffin gummies. Liquorice dragée jujubes chocolate bar jelly-o topping. Cotton candy dragée candy pudding tart sweet roll. Chocolate cupcake chocolate jelly-o pastry candy canes cupcake chupa chups.
Cake danish apple pie. Tart pastry sweet roll oat cake marzipan muffin jelly gummies. Carrot cake wafer topping sweet roll cupcake pastry. Biscuit pastry bonbon. Cupcake lollipop topping caramels jelly beans bear claw. Toffee candy canes dessert pastry cheesecake chocolate bar. Candy croissant pastry.
Cake danish apple pie. Tart pastry sweet roll oat cake marzipan muffin jelly gummies. Carrot cake wafer topping sweet roll cupcake pastry. Biscuit pastry bonbon. Cupcake lollipop topping caramels jelly beans bear claw. Toffee candy canes dessert pastry cheesecake chocolate bar. Candy croissant pastry.

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